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4:55PM July 11th, 2006 Tuesday
Welcome. [
Welcome. This LJ is strictly on fangirl-ing/boy-ing about Sakurai Takahiro-san.

Hope you guys have fun because I have no clue how to moderate these things.
Just post on away. I said that this LJ is strictly on blah blah blah.. but I don't really care.
If you guys just love Saku-pon... I just want you to be proud of that. XD;;
This Comm is currently on "Moderated Membership"
Please join to be able to post, read, etc.

This site is for sharing all Saku-sama love, whether it is CDs, Magazines, MP3s, what ever.
If you have anything you want to share, or things you just absolutely want others to see/hear, up it on YSI or MU and post away.
If you have any icons or banners you would like to share, please do! I would be happy to make this LJ a bit more creative in customizations too. XD
If a post becomes too long, please use lj-cuts.. but I usually don't mind if it's semi-long.
And of course, please do not say anything bad about Sakurai Takahiro.
And that goes for anyother seiyuu. You can talk about how you might like Takahiro-san more than one, but please do not talk bad about them.

Some major rules:
1) All posts will have to be friend-locked.
2) If you're going to cross-post something or use something from this site, you must go through me somehow. But I'm not that harsh, I usually say go ahead, it's just that I want to make sure things aren't used with out me knowing it, especially information. By saying 'use something from this site', the something are information of anime, radio, etc, re-upping drama cd/mp3 links and posting elsewhere, and/or scans/icons. If the original information/link/images are yours, I do not mind, for it's yours and not mine or anyother members.

Thank you for your time. If there's anything else, tell me. And if you have anything to add to the community (customizations, rules, etc) do tell me. Thank you again!

Thank you! - Honjou Sora
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